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Eric Charry
Mande Music.
Traditional and Modern Music of the Maninka and Mandinka of Western Africa

Chicago & London. The University of Chicago Press, 2000. 500 p. ill. maps.
Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology
Philip V. Bohlman & Bruno Nettl (eds.)

Eric Charry

In memory of my parents, Lawrence and Hannah Charry.
For Sandra, Hanna, Priya, and Miriam.


List of Illustrations
List of Tables
Technical Notes
Transcription Guide and Rhythm Concepts


1. The Mande

2. Hunter's Music

3. Jeliya

4. Drumming

5. The Guitar and the Modern Era

6. Music Terminology

7. Perspectives

Manden Te Banna

Personal Interviews, Lessons, and Recordings
Subject Index
Personal Name Index
Title Index

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